General Dentistry in Redmond OR

Teeth are strong, durable structures that endure massive amounts of pressure each day. It is important to protect the teeth and keep them strong through daily brushing and flossing as well as regular professional care from a licensed and experienced general dentist.

General dentistry involves the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a wide range of dental conditions, as well as the maintenance of overall oral health for patients of all ages. This comprehensive care from a general dentist is usually the only source of care patients require for their dental needs. There are several different dental specialties, but general dentistry encompasses the basics of these specialties.

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Restorative Dentistry

Many dental conditions damage the tooth causing aesthetic and functional changes that require special treatment. Restorative treatments can repair or replace teeth depending on the extent of their damage. Restorative procedures include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people seek cosmetic dental care after certain dental conditions or because of dissatisfaction with the appearance of their teeth. These procedures can improve the color, shape and size of the teeth and enhance the overall smile. Cosmetic dental treatments often improve self-confidence. Some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments may include:

  • Bonding
  • Full mouth reconstruction

periodontal disease treatment In Redmond, OR

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a common dental condition that plagues many patients. Periodontal disease can be managed through treatments such as scaling and root planing, which can be performed by a general dentist. Surgery and other advanced treatments may be performed for later stages of the disease. While there are specialists for many of these dental treatments, a general dentist is able to perform most of these procedures. Complicated issues may be referred to a specialist such as a periodontist or prosthodontist, while age-specific patients may benefit from seeing a pediatric or geriatric dentist.

Dental Exam In Redmond, OR

Regular visits to the dentist are recommended at least once every six months in order to maintain proper oral hygiene and screen for any potential problems. Receiving regular checkups can help improve dental health and prevent major problems from developing. It is important for patients to work with their dentist to maintain their oral health. General dentists care for most patients’ dental needs regardless of their age or treatment. These dental treatments restore health and beauty to the smile.

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” Dr. Turley, Dr. Gronemeyer and the staff at Gentle Dentistry are wonderful! I’ve never felt so comfortable at the dentist. Zero anxiety office, I highly recommend them!!!” – Tanya H.

“The dental hygienist did an outstanding job. I do not recall ever having such a thorough dental cleaning performed. The dentist, as usual, did a great exam and was pleasant. Highly recommend them both.” – John L

“Have you ever been so nervous to do something it caused panic? That’s literally how I felt about trying another dentist. I hadn’t been in to see someone in almost 8 years due to a bad experience. What a difference I feel after being seen here! My anxiety was put to rest as Maddison and Dr. Turley explained my treatment plan step by step. The hygienist Alysha was amazing as well and put me at ease. The work was done quickly and my teeth feel amazing! Highly recommend!!!! 😄😄😄” – Emily B.

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