If you snore at night, chances are that you are not getting the rest you need and no one else in your home is either. While snoring can be annoying, it can also be a symptom of a more serious problem: sleep apnea.

A sleep apnea disorder is characterized by interrupted breathing during slumber. Your tongue may roll back in your throat or the muscles in your airway may collapse, limiting your supply of oxygen. In response, your body will essentially wake you up so you can start breathing again. Along with snoring, sleep apnea can also result in:

Complications from sleep apnea can include increased blood pressure, liver problems and an increased risk for heart disease. Only a sleep doctor can diagnose this problem. If you have been diagnosed with this problem, contact our office today for an appointment with our dentist for sleep apnea treatment. We can provide you with an oral appliance that you can wear while you sleep to hold your jaw in a position that can keep your airway open. This will help you to get the peaceful and restorative night’s rest that you need.